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Plenty of ‘special’ dishes to pick from, no matter the day of the week

L.A. Grill's roster of daily specials gives you a variety to pick from during lunch, and a choice of two dishes for dinner that change each day
L.A. Grill is located in Richmond's Blundell Centre.

Are you someone who is keen to see what's on "special" when you're dining out?

At many restaurants, dishes are rotated on special based on different days of the week. This is not always convenient and may mean you have to miss out not only on something you enjoy eating, but the value a daily special delivers.

That’s not the case at L.A. Grill at Blundell Centre.

Their roster of daily specials gives you a variety to pick from during lunch, and a choice of two dishes for dinner that change each day.

"Variety and value are the keywords to best describe what is being served," says L.A. Grill’s Steve Chan, adding there are eight different meals on the lunch special menu served weekdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All are priced at a very thrifty $8 when you also purchase a beverage.

And don’t think you are getting a down-sized meal for your daily lunch special.

“All of the lunch special meals are the regular portion size,” adds Chan. “And all are made with the top quality ingredients we pride ourselves on using in all of our meals.”

While there are eight lunch specials to select from, Chan says one stands out as a favourite with customers - chicken souvlaki, which comes with rice, potatoes, caesar salad, pita bread and tzatziki.

"The chicken is very tender, flavourful, and when you add in a drink for around $3, your total bill is competitive with any fast-food location,” he says. “And you get a proper, sit-down restaurant setting to enjoy your meal.”

Aside from the souvlaki, L.A. Grill’s lunch specials include chicken strips or a cheeseburger served with caesar salad and potatoes, soup and BLT sandwich, soup and caesar salad, plus pasta dishes that include fettuccine alfredo, curry penne and spicy tomato linguini which all come with garlic toast.

As for dinner specials, on Mondays you can order a six-ounce New York steak with rice, green salad and garlic toast is just $12 - again, with the purchase of a beverage. 

For $16, you can also enjoy souvlaki and garlic prawns.

On Tuesdays, garlic prawns ($12) and salmon and prawns ($16) are on the list. Wednesdays feature chicken souvlaki ($12), and salmon and prawns ($16). On Thursdays, there’s grilled salmon ($12), and souvlaki and prawns ($16). And from Monday to Saturday, you can indulge with steak and prawns ($19).

If you are looking for a meal later in the evening, L.A. Grill has a wide selection of smaller, lighter options, all served Monday to Saturday from 8:30 - 10 p.m.

There’s cheese garlic bread ($5), zucchini sticks ($7), a shrimp caesar salad ($11), clam chowder ($6), a variety of burgers, and much more.

For a complete list and location details, visit L.A. Grill’s website at

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