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Local Richmond butcher sources the best quality meats

Amron's Gourmet Meats is committed to serving only locally raised, grass-fed meats
Amron's features a wide array of free-range and grass-fed chicken and beef.

While you won't find sawdust on the floor like an old school butcher's, you will get some old-fashioned quality and expertise when you visit Amron's Gourmet Meats at Blundell Centre.

Part of the mall since 2006, Amron's features a wide array of free-range and grass-fed chicken and beef.

They also stock rare meats, such as venison, elk and bison, and have developed a following for their homemade sausages.

And for the discerning customer, having a meat specialist who sources and provides top-quality products is the perfect way to ease doubts.

"Any kind of meat on the market, we can source it here and provide the best cuts for our customers," says Amron's owner Gary Chahal.

"And when everything is done here on the premises, we can guarantee its freshness.

"When you buy meat from a large grocery store or a meat seller, you can never be quite sure how long the product has been sitting around."

Meats are cut, cleaned and ground fresh every day at Amron's. They also have natural meat casings for all of their sausages.

"And all of our sausages are made fully with meat, no fat and fillers," Chahal adds.

For diet-conscious customers, Amron's commitment to serve only locally raised, grass-fed meats is a prime example of quality.

"Everything comes from a 63-acre farm in Chilliwack," Chahal says. "It's all free-range and grass-fed, which produces better meat that may be a little less tender, but is much healthier for you.

"Grain-fed meats can come from just about anywhere and tends to result in fattier meat."

When it comes to the more exotic meats, Chalal says their bison burgers are one of the most popular that Amron's carries.

"Bison is all-natural, low in calories and fat, and a little higher in protein content than beef. Plus, it's ideal for those looking for a high iron source," Chahal explains.

 If you are searching for a prepared meal, Amron's has an extensive selection of marinated meats you can pick up and cook fresh at home.

"It's all prepared and ready to go home for baking or barbecue," Chahal says.

"We also carry fresh strip loin and rib eye, lamb, goat, chicken and poultry. Whichever type of meat our customers are looking for, they know they will find it at Amron's Gourmet Meats."

For more information on what Amron's Gourmet Meats can provide for your dinner table, visit their website at

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