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Get educated on how to be a healthier new you

The staff at 12 Baskets Nutrition and Health Co. are as always, ready to help customers find what can help them boost their wellbeing
12 Baskets Nutrition & Health co. carries a large selection of natural health products and vitamin supplements.

How’s your overall health?

It’s a question many people are focusing on more than ever these days as we enter a period following widespread health advisories and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And the staff at 12 Baskets Nutrition and Health Co. in Blundell Centre are as always, ready to help customers find what can help them boost their wellbeing to guard against future problems.

“We are starting to see a lot of people looking for products to look after their overall health, as opposed to taking something because they are symptomatic,” says Christina Crescenzo, purchasing manager for 12 Baskets.

“They can consult with us about where they are at in their life and what their diet is like,” she adds. “From that, we can make suggestions on what they can add or eliminate and what products can help them live a healthier life.”

A big part of what 12 Baskets offers over the often dizzying array of products found at big box stores is education.

“We have ongoing training for staff on products and health issues to help you make the best choice,” Crescenzo says.

One example is how to select a multivitamin that bests suits your condition.

“We educate our customers on the difference between a whole foods multivitamin versus a conventional one,” Crescenzo says. “Then there’s the difference in multivitamins for men and women, for what age you are, and what type of lifestyle you lead.

“We can also go into depth in all categories, whether if it’s problems with your bones, joints, or immune system.”

All said, 12 Baskets can help you make an informed decision.

For example, a customer experiencing a skin rash may not require a natural remedy specifically for that condition - their problem could be linked to a gut issue that can be treated with a change to their diet.

“Choosing what is right for you can be overwhelming,” Crescenzo says.

“There’s so much information out there; it can be challenging to filter it.

“Our staff can provide suggestions from our high-quality range of products - some of which are usually only available through naturopathic doctors - that are competitively priced.

“And we cover everything from nutrition to blue-light-blocking glasses,” she says.

“So, just about whatever you need, we can be there to help.”

For more information about how 12 Baskets Nutrition and Health Co. can play a role in improving your health, visit their website at

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