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Four reasons you and your pooch need a dog walker in your lives

Dogs are more similar to us than you may think. Like their humans, dogs thrive off of regular exercise and group socialization.
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Dogs are more similar to us than you may think. Like their humans, dogs thrive off of regular exercise and group socialization. When they get to play with others, burn off their energy, and learn about the world around them, they get a chance to become the upstanding beings we always knew they were. 

Dog walkers are becoming increasingly more abundant, especially in Richmond where off-leash dog parks and dog-friendly beaches beckon many canine enthusiasts. However, despite growing numbers, not all dog walkers are the same. One of Richmond’s most sought-after dog walking services that has a spot among the best is Tails Up Dog Walking.

The entrepreneur behind the business is James Heunefeld, known in his community for his bright blue Tails Up uniform and his entourage of smiling dogs. With pick up and drop off services, behavioural training experience and a natural affinity for exercise and dogs, James has earned an unmatched reputation in the city.

James knows a thing or two about keeping dogs happy and healthy – and it is all about dog walking.

1.     Basic training. Dogs learn best when they can learn from each other. James said socializing with other dogs that vary in size and breed are vital steps in training friendly, intelligent dogs.

2.     Building confidence. Dogs have social lives just like humans do; letting your dog spend time with its friends is a great way to build confidence. “From my experience, allowing your dog to walk with the same group of dogs on a weekly basis creates better trained, more relaxed dogs,” he said.

3.     Helping with time and physical barriers. All dogs, regardless of the breed and size, need daily exercise. If you are someone who works long hours or who has a physical ailment or disability, dog walkers can guarantee that your dog can still get the necessary exercise.

4.     Saving you money. “A dog walker is always a good option to help the dog not damage any furniture or clothing from frustration of not enough exercise,” James explained. Mid-day walks also give dogs the chance to relieve themselves, saving owners time and money spent on cleaning droppings.

“A happy dog makes a happy owner and vice versa,” James said. More than exercise and socialization, dog walkers can unleash a peace of mind, for both humans and canines.

It is time to live your life off-leash! To learn more about Tails Up Dog Walking, visit their website, call 778-847-7431, or email You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.