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Customer experiences show Racinne’s rejuvenating power

The skin-care market is so busy that it can be difficult to decide which product is right for you.
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The skin-care market is so busy that it can be difficult to decide which product is right for you. What’s more, your skin and its needs can change over time; so even if you find a product that works, you may be searching for something else before long.

Racinne understands this problem and takes a customizable approach to its skin care range. Embodying the philosophy of K-Beauty, which blends scientific expertise and traditional botanical knowledge, Racinne offers a step-by-step regimen according to personal skin needs.

As the Korean company enters the Canadian market with a new store in Richmond, its products are proving increasingly popular with women across the country.

Susan Fong said she received Racinne’s Youth Power Neck Emulsion as a gift. The mother-of-two from Vancouver, who has a full-time job, was tired of researching skin-care products and was happy to try something new. After using the emulsion regularly, she was happy to notice the fine lines on her neck disappearing. She was also pretty stoked that the bottle lasted her two whole months!

In Mississauga, Ont., Debbie Skinner was also getting positive results from her Youth Power Neck Emulsion. In her mid-50s, Debbie had long been hesitant to use neck cream, but was encouraged by the natural ingredients in Racinne’s products and that the fact that they’re cruelty-free.

Meanwhile, Tyatt Leung was feeling like she was aging faster after having her second child. The mom from Richmond Hill, Ont., tried numerous facials, masks and creams on the market but nothing seemed to work for her. Then she discovered Racinne’s Lady S home spa device, which is designed to rejuvenate the skin and soften fine lines. Tyatt was tempted by the affordable price and gave it a try. Within weeks, she said, her complexion had improved. She was so impressed that she bought a Lady S for her mother.

Find out for yourself the rejuvenating effects of K-Beauty products at Racinne’s new outlet at the Richmond Centre mall. You can also buy products and find out more information at Racinne is also on Facebook and Instagram @RACINNECA.