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Authentic Mexican food company brings family’s heritage to Steveston

74CO5 celebrates its first anniversary
Al Pastor tacos by 74CO5 4U.

74CO5, an authentic Mexican delights company founded in Steveston, is celebrating its first anniversary with a special giveaway. A set of Apple AirPods.

“We’ve had difficulties like every business, especially during the pandemic,” owner and founder Enrique Martin del Campo says.

“But in Richmond, the community has been very supportive. This is a way for someone in the community to be rewarded for their support.”

Giving back to the community is important for Martin del Campo and his family, who also runs school fundraisers through his business.

74CO5 (pronounced tacos as spelled in Leet coding language, which uses numbers instead of letters) began as an idea 15 years ago.

Martin del Campo, who immigrated from Mexico City with his wife over 20 years ago, was homesick for the taste of tacos Al Pastor, a traditional Mexico City street food, but couldn’t find a place to buy them in Vancouver.

Al Pastor was developed in Mexico City by an influx of Lebanese immigrants, who paired traditional Mexican spices with Middle Eastern cooking techniques, including slow roasting pork on a vertical spit and shaving the meat off into thin slices. The unique fusion of two cultures created the iconic dish.

Martin del Campo spent several months perfecting a recipe that he was happy with, and would serve it to guests as a special treat.

“My friends would tell me I should sell them. I’m not a chef by trade, but where there is a will, there is a way,” Martin del Campo says.

After playing around with the idea for years, Martin del Campo, along with support from his wife Sandra, finally took the leap of faith, and opened 74CO5.

Now, customers can enjoy the taste of traditional Mexican food at home by ordering special taco meal kits, sold frozen and easily prepared by re-heating for 15 minutes at home.

Kits come with meat, refried beans, salsa and corn tortillas and come in a variety of combos.

The most popular of the taco kits is the Al Pastor, which comes with rich tasting salsa and pineapple, to create the one-of-a-kind contrast between sweet and sour.

Martin del Campo advises customers to order ahead to guarantee they get the taco kit of their choice.

To see the menu and order 74CO5 online, visit