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Ancient remedies can sometimes offer better sleep time solutions

Sometimes, it’s the old ideas that provide the best solutions to current problems
Medussa Home Bedding is a boutique designer bedding and linen shop located in Blundell Centre.

If you are looking at getting a more restful and refreshing night’s sleep, Medussa Home Bedding at Blundell Centre has an ancient remedy fit for today’s needs—buckwheat hull pillows.

Introduced in Asia about 1,000 years ago, they are pillows filled with buckwheat hulls, which is the husk of the buckwheat, not the buckwheat itself, explains Pat Pan, who, along with his wife Beth Cao, owns and runs Medussa Home Bedding.

“The pillow is specially designed to offer neck support,” Pan says. “People who suffer from neck pain and muscle soreness, in most cases, find this pillow to offer the support other pillows do not provide. It’s usually their final solution.”

How does it achieve this?

The buckwheat hull pillow is strong and super-long-lasting - more than ten years - and will provide support for your head and neck and not get flat like other pillows.

“The unique shape of the hull helps hold the head weight, and you don’t feel much sinking downwards, therefore relieving the neck muscle,” Pan adds.

The pillow is fully height adjustable, almost like it’s sand-filled, so you can form it by hand, higher or lower, to make it fit your neck curve. Every pillow also has a side zipper to allow overall pillow height adjustment. Thanks to the hull’s hollow shape, it is also one of the coolest pillows since it doesn’t trap any heat.

“And the buckwheat hull we supply in the store is all 100% certified, organically grown in Canada,” Pan says. “They are the best grade, which means extremely pure and clean—no dust or grains.”

And, if there are any issues with the pillows, Medussa offers customers a 45-day free return and exchange policy.

The buckwheat hull pillows are a prime example of the niche products Medussa carries as a small specialty store.

“We are a family-based business, so we can stock the highest quality, at the lowest price,” Pan says.

In addition to a long list of mainstream bedding products, such as down items, cotton and bamboo sheets, Medussa also stocks other unique items, including top-grade mulberry silk duvets and Tencel comforters.

Tencel comforters are 100% made in Austria by world-class brand HEFEL.

For more about how Medussa Home Bedding can help you get that special night’s sleep, visit their website at

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