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6 ways your youngsters can benefit from learning business earlier in life

It is almost inevitable that your child, in some way or another, will be involved in business when they grow up.

It is almost inevitable that your child, in some way or another, will be involved in business when they grow up. Whether it is going to a grocery store, starting their own business, or working as an artist or athlete – we are all, in the same way, connected to it. However, it is figuring out how to best prepare your kids, and give them the advantage, that will make the difference.

Tressa Wood is the CEO and founder of Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs, the after school enrichment program that encourages kids to think entrepreneurially. She has dedicated her career to building and growing businesses and turning local start-ups into household names. It was the thought of her daughters, 7 and 9, that inspired Wood to design a program where all kids could start on an entrepreneurial path from a young age, enabling them to follow their passions and enjoy the freedoms it provides.

From gaining a valuable skillset to discovering your passion and finding your confidence, here are six ways that your kids can benefit by learning entrepreneurship at Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs.

1.     It helps kids find their passion: When you give your child the chance to pursue any invention or business idea, it may show them what truly excites them.

2.     It teaches kids to create their own opportunities: Give your child the advantage by teaching them what it means to be the one to solve the problem, not just address it.

3.     It means making mistakes is actually a good thing: Learning from your mistakes is one of the best ways to get better, Wood said.

4.     It instills a sense of perseverance: Like when your kid’s first prototype doesn’t work and they go back to the drawing board to solve the problem - over and over again until they get it right.

5.     It builds up confidence: When your child plans, creates, fixes, and presents their own business on Market Days, they are not only building a business, but they are building confidence.

6.     It is fun! This is some of the best parts of the kids’ days, Wood said. Seeing a project through from start to finish instill a sense of accomplishment, but most importantly the learning should be fun.

With programs for kids between seven and fifteen, there is something for every kid at Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs. Programs are now being offered in Richmond throughout September.

To learn more about Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs visit, call 1-800-243-0335 or email You can also find Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs on Facebook.