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Shipping app is a game-changer in timely deliveries and stress-free returns

My PIU delivers innovative shipping solutions to simplify your life
My PIU is the ultimate app so you can experience hassle-free shipping and returns. Photo via MyPIU

Are you a consumer who is trying to quickly and efficiently manage and send your parcels — not just during the holidays, but year-round? Maybe you're someone who is simply frustrated with the time-consuming process of repackaging and returning an online purchase.

Or perhaps, you're a small e-commerce business or home-based business owner, tired of the headaches associated with complicated shipping logistics, expensive rates and inconsistent scheduling.

If these sound like familiar pain points, it's time to revolutionize your shipping experience.

If you're ready to embrace the convenience of modern logistics and say goodbye to post office lines, delays, driving to depots, and ineffective solutions to your shipping needs, My PIU is the ultimate app so you can experience hassle-free shipping and returns.

"We're not just another shipping company," says Jay Yeh, owner, My PIU. "We're the Robin Hood of logistics — making shipping fast, affordable and stress-free, especially for the little guys — students, small businesses, everyday people."​

Photo by My PIU

"Our niche lies in our focus on convenience, affordability and flexibility, particularly for students and small businesses. We recognized the need for a shipping solution that accommodates irregular schedules and budget constraints, which is often overlooked in the traditional logistics model."

PIU Logistics was established in April 2018, delivering packages securely and on time to businesses both big and small. They're the springboard to My PIU app, the start of a logistics revolution, the movement of Shipping 3.0.  

"We saw an industry ripe for change and we jumped right in," recalls Ye.

He's quick to describe the "aha" moment: "It was seeing the massive gap between what traditional shipping offered and what the market desperately needed — speed, simplicity, affordability. That gap was our golden opportunity."

Shipping 3.0, businesses and consumers

"A key highlight of Shipping 3.0, as embodied by My PIU, is the empowerment of customers in the shipping and returns process," explains Ye. "Our app makes this seamless and cost-effective, especially for e-commerce customers, by offering real-time tracking, flexible scheduling and efficient handling of returns."

A UBC student described his failure to return his online purchase because the packing and shipping costs outweighed the price of the watch. Next time, he expressed he'd use My PIU's doorstep pickups and return service (starting as low as $5), which is fast, convenient and effortless, and especially helps students to seamlessly manage shipping amidst their studies.

"Our app isn't just a tool; it's a weapon for businesses and consumers to cut through the red tape of traditional logistics, saving time and money," says Ye. 

For entrepreneurs and home-based business owners, shipping products from home shouldn't be a chokepoint in growing your online business.

"Speed and efficiency are paramount in the e-commerce and home-based business sectors," says Ye. "Our research shows these are the biggest unmet needs in the logistics space, with delays and complex processes often hindering business growth and customer satisfaction. My PIU addresses this by offering swift, streamlined logistics solutions."

Jay Yeh. Photo supplied by Marc Sinlao

Sustainability matters

My PIU is committed to a greener future with eco-friendly packaging materials and electric delivery vehicles.

"We're weaving green practices into the very fabric of our business model, because the future of shipping isn't just fast, it's eco-friendly," says Ye. "We understand the environmental impact of shipping and are committed to eco-friendly practices."

"My PIU isn't just a service; it's a movement. We're not just in business; we're on a mission to flip logistics on its head. Join us, and let's make shipping history."

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