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Richmond welcomes locals to explore its art and cuisine scene

Richmond is surprisingly full of unexpected discoveries

Fall is a great time to rediscover the unique character and welcoming nature that make Richmond a great place for a day trip.

Farm to table. From the ground up

Culture grows from the ground up, and in Richmond’s case that starts right in the rich soil of Lulu Island. Surrounded on both sides by the Fraser River, Richmond is situated on especially fertile land. For decades the region has been home to many farms, gardens, and U-picks, producing fruit, vegetables, flowers and berries for locals as well as international markets. You can get a taste of Richmond’s fresh produce along with local goods from a variety of local producers this fall at Richmond Country Farms, or the many local markets sprinkled throughout the city.

Catch of the day

Fishing is also an essential part of Richmond’s storied history. At Fisherman’s Wharf in the Steveston Harbour, you can get up close to active fishing boats and purchase fresh fish, spot prawns and crab directly from the source at the Public Fish Sales Float. Or if you want to skip ahead to the eating part, grab some of Steveston’s famous fish and chips offerings just steps from the water. Cap off your visit to this charming fishing village with some local culture at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site where the stories and history of the B.C. fishing industry are on full display.

Art for all

Culture in Richmond doesn’t stop at agriculture. Home to a vibrant art scene and many established and emerging artists, the city has experienced a boom in public art over the last few years. Started in 2019, the Community Mural Program features nine murals across the city in a range of styles and subjects. In addition to these bold, large-scale works, Richmond is home to over 200 pieces of public art, including paintings, sculptures and mixed media. Set off in search on your own or follow the Richmond Public Art Trail for a self-guided tour of some crowd favourites.

Mouth-watering menus

Artists and producers aren’t the only ones creating exciting new things in Richmond. Long-known for its thriving food scene, Richmond’s many unique restaurants and markets are home to hundreds of chefs, bakers and makers who are constantly bringing new tastes and flavours to their menus. From unbelievably fresh sushi to sizzling Korean BBQ to savoury noodle houses, you can eat your way around the world all within a few blocks. Start at the Richmond Public Market for a quick intro to the many styles of food available in Richmond and set off from there, following the Dumpling Trail all the way to the beautiful patios overlooking the Pacific sunset in Steveston.   

For a city so close to home, Richmond is surprisingly full of unexpected discoveries, welcoming locals that make every trip worthwhile. Plan your next trip today at