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Richmond summer learning program helps children remain engaged, interested and on track

Richmond School District - Continuing Education offers diverse programs, courses and camps tailored to students from Grades 1 to 12 with varying learning backgrounds
The Summer Learning program provides students with opportunities to explore interests, build skills, and complete academic requirements in an engaging and inclusive environment. Photo via iStock

As Lord Francis Bacon once said: “Knowledge is power.” This sentiment has inspired and motivated scholars of all ages and disciplines to pursue continuous learning, endeavouring to consistently discover, apply and innovate.

In this realm, the Richmond School District - Continuing Education program seeks to nurture and encourage young learners to quench their thirst for knowledge even after the final bell of the school year rings. Instead of pausing their academic ascent over the summer months, it aims to combine entertainment and education through fun and engaging activities that activate their minds while piquing – and holding – their interest. 

From July 4th through August 2nd, the Richmond Continuing Education Summer Learning 2024 program invites children to explore diverse interests, build new skills, challenge themselves, review or preview academic content or complete a full-credit course. 

The summer schedule comprises various programs, including Elementary Enrichment, Secondary Enrichment, Full Credit, Innovation, Exploration and Fine Arts Enrichment, Academic Completion and Summer Camps.

Each unique curriculum is structured to combat the preconceived notions of what summer school used to be, instead positioning these courses as an accessible and enjoyable addition to academic enrichment. 

Creating a captivating curriculum

Prioritizing diversity, the courses cover a wide range of topics and interests, from art, badminton and cooking or baking to coding and technology, ensuring the material remains relevant while promoting engaging and interactive learning opportunities. 

Jason Higo, district administrator, readily acknowledges the program's exceptional quality of instruction, attributing it to the team’s high calibre and unwavering commitment to providing students with a well-rounded experience that has them active and involved.

"Our certified B.C. teachers are passionate about what they teach, and make positive and meaningful connections with their students,” he says. “Summer Learning teachers are an amazing group of educators who are dedicated to supporting students by offering engaging, creative, and unique programs.” 

Enrichment courses are also available to elementary and secondary students who have completed kindergarten, are entering Grade 1 and students entering Grade 12. 

Elementary Enrichment subjects include English and English for ELL students, math and science project classes, French and band. 

Secondary Enrichment comprises English and English for ELL students, math, science, social studies, business education and jazz band preview courses, as well as, skill-building classes in English, math and science.

While Enrichment courses are non-credited, they provide crucial skill-building and supplemental knowledge for students to gain further proficiency via preview courses or to pursue specific areas of interest.

For example, students interested in robotics, coding and building/maker – all activities that promote creativity and collaboration – are encouraged to consider STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) courses featuring inquiry-based learning through various applications and technologies.

Those with a more artistic inclination may appreciate learning opportunities through mediums such as art, dance, drama, and music classes, which students rotate throughout the program, concluding with a "celebration of learning presentation" for parents and guests.

That said, the rades 10-12 full credit courses will help students complete their Secondary School Dogwood Diploma by offering courses they may not have had time to take in their regular schedule. 

"All of our ministry-funded courses are connected to the B.C. curriculum," describes Higo. "At the secondary level, we offer full credit classes. Our non-credit courses are also connected to the B.C. curriculum."

An inclusive learning program for students in Richmond

"All of our classes and programs are designed to foster student engagement, creativity, and well-being in inclusive and caring learning environments," describes Higo.

“We believe that summer learning should promote the love of learning. We want to have varied learning experiences that are engaging and meaningful to foster lifelong learners.”

On top of the priceless educational benefits, courses are free for B.C. students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or possess refugee status. However, it is important to note that the summer camps contain fees for elementary and secondary students, with options for children ages six to 16 to take more courses over the summer. 

"Elementary students are funded for only one free course, while secondary students are funded for three free enrichment or two free full credit courses," explains Higo. 

Registration for the Richmond Continuing Education Summer Learning 2024 program begins Monday, April 22nd.

For more information, visit, or call 604-668-6123.