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Richmond Hospital Foundation racing toward $25-million goal for its future medical imaging centre

The new medical imaging centre is pivotal to meeting the increasing needs of Richmond’s growing population
Richmond Hospital.

It's hard to imagine anyone as a child who didn't wish to have at least one superpower. Maybe yours was flight or invisibility. But for a young Tracy Chandler, it was always X-ray vision. Years later her wish came true. Fittingly, she's now Dr. Chandler, a radiologist at Richmond Hospital.

“Growing up, I had always wanted to have superpowers," recalls Chandler. “As a child, having X-ray vision meant you could see through walls and discover hidden treasures. You could see what was happening even in enclosed spaces, and you could take action to help people before anyone else could see there was a problem."

Today, she uses state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment to "see into their patients," as she says, the reality of having superpowers.

Dr. Tracy Chandler. Photo via Richmond Hospital Foundation

Medical imaging equipment provides comprehensive diagnostic information necessary to track the progression of an ongoing illness, or monitor the effectiveness of treatment, fundamental to the day-to-day needs of physicians and surgeons within all hospital departments.

“Technology advances in medical imaging have transformed the way physicians practice medicine," says Chandler, “and we're able to visualize more than mere anatomy of the body—we can actually see inside—allowing us to evaluate how they function.”

Racing towards a $25-million fundraising goal

Fundraising efforts by Richmond Hospital Foundation has led to achieving 90% of their $25-million goal towards their Medical Imaging Centre Campaign.

With Richmond’s population projected to grow, the usage volumes at the medical imaging department are expected to increase by more than 75% by 2035.

Milan and Maureen Ilich Medical Imaging Centre

“The new Milan and Maureen Ilich Medical Imaging Centre in the future Yurkovich Family Pavilion when it opens will increase access to diagnostic testing even further by increasing the equipment to include a total of four CT scanners and two MRI machines,” says Chandler.

The new medical imaging centre is pivotal to meeting the increasing needs of Richmond’s growing community, aiming to more than double its physical space to accommodate over 200,000 patient visits a year.

As a community member, you can help equip and enhance the future Milan and Maureen Ilich Medical Imaging Centre. Don't overlook your donation’s impact; your donation combined with those of others, truly transforms health care.

"Our team looks forward to the new and expanded medical imaging centre coming in the Yurkovich Family Pavilion," says Chandler, "and thank all our donors for helping make it a reality.”

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