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Hearing Awareness Month is the perfect time to put hearing on your wellness checklist

HearingLife’s free hearing tests can help you ensure you’re protecting your ears with the treatment they need
The first step is getting your hearing checked.

This May, HearingLife is urging Canadians to make their hearing health a priority.

“May is the month we want to educate people because we understand just how important it is. We understand the long-term health effects of untreated hearing loss,” HearingLife chief audiologist Jillian Price says.

“For Hearing Awareness Month, we want people to think about their ears, love their ears, and take care of their ears. The first step is getting your hearing checked.”

HearingLife offers complimentary hearing assessments without the need for a physician’s referral. The company is also offering a special discount for May: up to $2000 off your purchase of select pairs of hearing aids.*

The Richmond HearingLife clinic was also ranked in the top three of best hearing clinics in Richmond this year.

“Our goal is to test everyone in Canada over 60, because that’s when you really start to see an age-related decline in hearing,” audiology coordinator Katie Koebel says.

“The benefit is that you get the results of your hearing test the same day and we will also input your results in our database so we can send you reminders to have your hearing tested that make it easy to stay on top of your hearing health.”

Hearing accounts for so much more than just the ability to hear sound. It can affect quality of life, mental sharpness, your relationships, and it can have serious health implications.

Not only can untreated hearing loss contribute to higher rates of anxiety and depression, and social isolation, but the extra cognitive strain attributed to struggling to hear can negatively affect your memory. Addressing hearing issues is the most modifiable risk factor in preventing dementia.

“Hearing loss can create a negative cycle of becoming more socially isolated and less engaged in the things you love. It’s not until you have a problem that you realize just how important your hearing is,” Price says.

“We want people to start acting earlier by protecting their ears and taking care of them.”

Annual hearing tests become especially important after the age of 60, as age-related hearing loss tends to worsen over time. It creates a slow gradual decline so people aren’t always aware that they’re suffering from hearing loss.

“I always tell people: Let the hearing aids do the work. You don’t have to work so hard to hear,” Price says. 

“Take action. It will make a difference in your life. Stop struggling. There’s no reason for it and hearing loss is nothing to be embarrassed about. At some point we’re all going to experience a decline of hearing. It’s a regular part of life.”

The next generation of hearing aids is high-tech and discreet.

Not only are they rechargeable and are bluetooth compatible to pair with cell phones, televisions, iPads and more to function similar to a wireless headset, they are small and comfortable.

As a global company, HearingLife provides ongoing service and ensures that its patients are well cared for, wherever they travel.

“Hearing loss is not just for elderly individuals,” Koebel says.

“It can happen at any time of your life and it’s crucial to stay on top of your hearing health.”

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*Some conditions may apply. Ask your local HearingLife clinic for details.