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Got a leak? Here’s why every minute counts when dealing with water damage

This Richmond-based restoration company aims to respond to your call in 45 minutes or less

When a water-based disaster strikes in your home, time is of the essence.

Rectifying these issues requires a quick response time, especially when dealing with water damage. Essentially, the faster you act, the shorter the recovery stage, and that’s where PuroClean Restoration Richmond comes in.

These things happen, but you need to be prepared for when they do to ensure you can act quickly as possible to reduce secondary damage.

Secondary damage refers to all of the issues resulting from water flooding your home, including mold and rotting. The longer water sits where it doesn’t belong, the greater your chances are of experiencing extensive, costly damage.

PuroClean Restoration Richmond is committed to mitigating as much damage to your home as possible with its 45-minute, 24/7 emergency response policy.

When the homeowner initially calls, the team will assess the damage and advise the homeowner to start to mitigate. 

Then, if you can extract the water, they will instruct you to start doing so. Even within the 45-minute window it takes for the team to arrive, secondary damage can start to happen, and it’s best to minimize this spread as much as possible.

PuroClean Restoration Richmond is committed to mitigating as much damage to your home as possible. Photo via: PuroClean Restoration Richmond.

PuroClean Restoration Richmond. is equipped with the latest methods and technology to dry the leakage faster and more efficiently. They also only take on enough projects they feel they can complete to the highest quality.

One of the advantages the company provides is that the team doesn’t overload themselves with too much work. This way, they have just enough jobs to keep them occupied while still devoting ample attention to individual customers, resulting in less stress, exhaustion, and better overall performance and customer satisfaction.

That said, the health and safety of the team and the homeowners they service is the top priority. This precedent results in heightened attention to detail and a sharp focus on cleanliness.

When the team is called onto a job, they will try to provide the homeowner with as much guidance prior to them even arriving on site, including walking them through turning off the water source.

PuroClean Restoration Richmond drying equipment. Photo via: PuroClean Restoration Richmond.

Once they arrive on-site, they will do a scope of work to determine the primary issue, ensure the area is safe to work in, and then start extracting water. Then, they will set up the heavy-duty drying equipment to begin getting the moisture out as quickly as possible.

Once the situation is stabilized, they will investigate further to ensure nothing has been missed or overlooked.

The company also focuses on mitigation – strategically demolishing parts of the damaged room to facilitate faster drying and avoid as much damage as possible. This process serves to minimize total damage while reducing the overall cost. 

Less water impact means less to fix, requiring less time to dry and making sure everyone can return to their normal lives that much faster.

Helping homeowners is also at the top of the priority list for the PuroClean Restoration Richmond team because they understand how disruptive and costly flooding can be. Because of this, leadership works with strata councils and condo boards to educate them on water damage prevention through seminars and prevention checks.

According to the PuroClean Restoration Richmond team, the top causes of flooding they most commonly see are related to regular wear and tear on appliances and water lines, whether it’s a burst pipe, broken washing machine or dishwasher, sink overflow or a hot water tank blowing up.

One of the best things homeowners can do to prevent leaks and flooding is to ensure regular maintenance checks on any water appliances.

For a free inspection and 24/7 emergency response, call (604) 841-9879 or visit