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Experience Bridgerton inspired high tea and more at Mr. Gold’s this Mother’s Day

Starting with Mother's Day, turn your missed milestones into cherished memories

For most people, COVID-19 meant missed milestones and postponed special events during a period when human connections gained even more meaning and prominence.

Jeffrey Sun, owner and operator at Mr. Gold, believes now is the perfect time to catch up on missed gatherings and celebrations. That's why he and his team have prepared something special for their customers: three afternoon tea set menus – called "carnation, forget-me-not and country rose" – for the upcoming Mother's Day. 

"We are going to launch three special menus, featuring fresh prawns with basil mayonnaise, shrimp with cocktail sauce, smoked salmon and roast chicken," he says. "You can basically taste the world through these three menus, from delicious seafood to French macarons and gelatos." 

As with everything else on offer, the new dishes will reflect the attention to detail – both in the selection of ingredients and how the food is prepared – which is Mr. Gold's hallmark. "Everything on the menu is worth trying," says Sun. 

"It might sound like a cliché, but we want our customers to be happy with every single dish."

It starts with the gelato, he explains. "Our selection of ingredients makes us stand out from the rest of the gelato stores in town. You might ask why fresh ingredients matter. Because making ice cream is like creating art: the ingredients we use include whole milk, organic sugar, fresh strawberries and mangoes."

The hand-crafted Italian gelato, available in 80 flavours, is prepared with a variety of natural ingredients and doesn't contain any artificial colours or flavours. "I want to stress that our gelato doesn't rely on artificial additives, such as peach and watermelon flavours," says Sun. "Fresh watermelons and peaches are delicious enough, even when we have to freeze or refrigerate them for a while."

The process of making ice cream usually starts by mixing ingredients, such as eggs and milk, in a blender. The blending process ensures that the mixture will be smooth and creamy, "but you don't want to get too much air into the mixture, which might affect the creamy taste in the end," explains Sun. "At Mr. Gold, we require our staff to avoid mixing air and water into the mixture. Therefore, when you have a taste of our ice cream, you feel the rich flavours explode in your mouth."

In addition to long-standing menu items, the staff at Mr. Gold is always looking to add new choices. "We are going to surprise our customers with some new dishes, such as whisky gelato and seafood salad with seared Ahi tuna," he says. 

These efforts – and dedication to customer satisfaction – have already elicited a favourable response. "In terms of event bookings, we have received overwhelming feedback from our community," says Sun. "Many have reached out to book our space to host baby showers, business meetings and birthday parties."

Mr. Gold's facilities lend themselves to "any type of party, whether that's a family get-together, business gathering or wedding," he notes. "For birthday celebrations or other milestones involving younger family members, you will be given a chance to Starting with Mother's Day, turn your missed milestones into cherished memoriessnap photos with princesses from the world of Disney." 

One of the rooms is currently undergoing a transformation that will turn it into a special set from Bridgerton, a lavish period drama that currently tops Netflix's Top 10 shows with over 193 million hours viewed. Billed as "Mr. Gold's Diamond of the Season Experience," Sun promises it will give "you the sense of being immersed in the show as if you were acting in Bridgerton yourself – all while enjoying high tea."

He adds that the room will be ready in time for Mother's Day weekend and it will surely become a favourite for customers of all ages.

"If you're looking to turn your missed milestones into memorable celebrations, Mr. Gold is there for you." 

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