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Discounted acupuncture services available soon at Richmond KPU campus

Not only is acupuncture easy on your body, but now your wallet, too

If you’ve been on pins and needles—for what feels like forever—waiting for a clinic to offer cost-effective acupuncture treatments, wait no more. You can receive beneficial treatments that promote healing, health and well-being at considerably reduced prices.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is all set to launch its Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture Student Teaching Clinic, which opens to the community on the Richmond campus on September 8, 2021. 

“We look forward to welcoming the public to KPU’s Student Acupuncture Clinic in the fall. Not only is this a great opportunity for individuals seeking treatment, but also a learning opportunity for our students working under the careful guidance of our expert instructors,” says Sharmen Lee, Dean, Faculty of Health.

Allergies. Arthritis. Anxiety. Digestion. Migraines. Stress. Insomnia. Joint pain. If you are nodding yes to any of these ailments, KPU students enrolled in the Traditional Chinese Medicine-Acupuncture Diploma (TCM-AD) program can provide you relief with treatments for these conditions, among many others.

“Students who are enrolled in this program are required to complete a minimum of 460 hours of clinical practice,” says John Yang, TCM program chair and faculty member.

The program provides students with practical experience and knowledge in patient care in a real-world clinical setting while being overseen by instructors.

“We have highly qualified and experienced TCM certified practitioners or doctors in the clinic who supervise the practice,” states Yang. “Another level of benefit to our patients.”

Combining ancient Chinese philosophy with Western biomedical science, students in the diploma program develop the necessary skills to work in the acupuncture and Chinese medicine industry.

The program is a full-time, limited intake program with six continuous semesters: three academic years, condensed into two full calendar years. The diploma includes a variety of courses, in theory, diagnosis, treatment and clinical practice.

“This program adds unique opportunities for prospective students who are looking to the natural and holistic medical field as their future career,” says Yang. “It enhances the university’s reach in the community, and especially to the city of Richmond.”

Professional practitioners & pricing perks

For those worried about being uncomfortable, acupuncture is an essentially painless procedure that achieves virtually pain-free results.

“Some patients may be afraid of needles, if say, they had a bad experience during a blood test,” explains Yang. “If you associate the needles with what labs use, you’ll see it’s a totally different experience when you come for an acupuncture treatment.”

Not only is acupuncture easy on your body, but now your wallet, too.

“It’s very inexpensive,” says Yang. “The cost is $25 per session compared to normal acupuncture clinics, which usually run from $80 to $120 per session. Sessions typically last one hour, and depending on the condition, patients should feel a difference after one or two appointments.”

Acupuncture is just one of many modalities of natural healing in aiding your vital energy to circulate throughout your body, exceptional at triggering your body’s innate restorative abilities, helping with calming the nervous system.

Pinpointing the power of TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine is regulated by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of B.C.

Yang explains that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, a healthy body relies on balance of vital energy, which flows smoothly within the body [called Qi, say chee]. Qi’s balance significantly influences your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional being.

“The way acupuncture works is it corrects any imbalance of vital energy flow,” Yang says. “When the flow of vital energy gets disrupted, you will end up with one or multiple symptoms. By inserting a hair-thin needle into a particular point, it can remove the imbalance disruption and return to the harmonious and balanced state.”

When you visit the Student Teaching Clinic for acupuncture treatments, not only are you supporting student success and the clinic, but students get to learn while connecting with the community. Plus, you’ll benefit from reduced or relieved pain and improved function in affected areas of your body. The outstanding value is a bonus.

For more information, visit or email to book a consultation.