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Dinner, drinks and dumplings: Richmond to host inaugural RBC Dumpling Tasting Soirée

The new event features a night of culinary exploration and cultural celebration in Richmond
The RBC Dumpling Tasting Soirée is a new complementary event in Richmond to supplement the popular annual dumpling festival in Coquitlam.

Richmond will welcome a unique culinary event as it hosts the inaugural RBC Dumpling Tasting Soirée on Saturday, March 2, 2024. 

Set in the modern BCIT Aerospace Building, the event, organized by the Asian Arts & Culture Society in collaboration with Tourism Richmond, aims to elevate the traditional dumpling to a symbol of cultural unity and gastronomic innovation.

From food festival to soirée

Building on the momentum of the previous two BC Dumpling Festivals held in Coquitlam in 2022 and 2023, the Asian Arts & Culture Society sought to create a more elevated experience. 

"Nancy Small from Tourism Richmond reached out to collaborate on an event in Richmond. We wanted to change up the format from Coquitlam and came up with the idea of a more intimate soirée event," explains Gina Chong, President of the Asian Arts & Culture Society. 

This shift towards a more exclusive event allows attendees to thoroughly explore a variety of dumpling offerings, reflecting the diverse palate of the community. 

The soiree is not a replacement for the annual dumpling fest in Coquitlam, but instead is a new and complementary event in Richmond.

A culinary competition and multicultural showcase in Richmond

The event invites the community to come together and explore the rich diversity of dumplings while celebrating the rich diversity of Asian culture. Photo via: Asian Arts & Culture Society.

The soirée will feature a handpicked selection of eight dumpling vendors, representing a wide range of Asian cultures including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. 

Attendees will have the chance to participate in a dumpling tasting competition, casting their votes in several categories such as Best Taste, Best Presentation, and Judges' Choice, culminating in the crowning of the Best Overall dumpling.

“We really want our vendors to bring their A-game and wow us,” Chong says.

Engaging the senses

Beyond the culinary delights, the soirée promises an array of experiences designed to engage the senses. From curated alcoholic beverage tastings that complement the dumpling flavors to vibrant live entertainment, the event ensures a stimulating evening. 

The inclusion of a silent auction, with proceeds supporting the Asian Arts & Culture Society and the Richmond Hospital Foundation, adds a philanthropic dimension to the event, reinforcing the community-focused ethos of the soirée.

A night to remember

The sophisticated event provides the perfect opportunity to get dressed up, go out and mingle with the community. Photo via: Asian Arts & Culture Society.

The evening is not just about tasting; it's an immersive experience. 

"It's a night out. It's dressed up," Chong says, setting the tone for a sophisticated event that contrasts with the more casual atmosphere of traditional food festivals. 

The soirée's cocktail-style setup encourages mingling and exploration, with different stations offering a journey through the culinary landscape of dumplings.

Kevin Lim, known for his dynamic emceeing, will lead the evening's festivities, ensuring an atmosphere filled with energy and laughter. Singer-songwriter Dani Camacho will provide entertainment.

Community and culture at the forefront

The RBC Dumpling Tasting Soirée is more than a culinary event; it's a celebration of the multicultural tapestry that defines Richmond and the broader community. With the support of RBC and Tourism Richmond, the soirée highlights the collaborative spirit of local organizations in promoting cultural appreciation and unity through food. 

The RBC Dumpling Tasting Soirée invites the community to come together, explore the rich diversity of dumplings, and enjoy a memorable evening that showcases the best of Asian arts, culture, and cuisine.

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