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B.C.’s newest home internet service provider launches in Richmond

Babbl offers affordable, contract-free internet services with self-serve features

Richmond, B.C., residents now have access to a fresh, hassle-free approach to premium home internet.

Born digital, Babbl Communications Ltd. is on a mission to provide customers with a high-quality, reliable experience completely free of the strict contracts required by traditional providers.

“Babbl is a premium home-internet service at a reduced cost, with no contracts, and no-hassle cancellations,” president and founder of Babbl, Jason Speers, says.

“Traditionally, when someone wants to switch service providers, it’s been very difficult to do so. I think it’s time for a change. We put the choice and options into the consumers’ hands, not the business’s hands. We’re not tying you into a contract. It’s up to us as a business to keep you as a customer.”

As a digital-first company, Babbl can nimbly scale and adjust to its customers’ changing needs. Unlike big providers, Babbl can also remain cost-efficient and ensure prices are kept at a minimum for customers.

Babbl customers have the luxury of avoiding long-term, costly commitments or the higher prices of month-to-month services. This convenience is a result of Babbl supplying packages that can meet every need, whether you’re working from home, streaming videos, or just casually browsing.

All service bundles include everything you need to get online, including an all-in-one router and Wi-Fi modem.

“One of our pillars is simple everything,” Speers says.

“What that means is that, if you’re looking to switch, the modem gets delivered to your home and it is activated during that delivery process. Once it arrives, it’s plug and play ready. No one has to come to your home, and you don’t have to worry about setting up a delivery window,” he explains.

Crucial information, such as clear, transparent, billing is available online, including a self-serve model for trouble-shooting that allows for speedier service and issue resolution. Babbl will never surprise its customers with strange fees or overages on your account.

While Babbl makes it easy for customers to self-serve, customer service support is always available for anyone who needs help.

Speers founded Babbl after nearly 20 years of experience working for one of the major telecommunications companies that provides home internet service.

“I’m very aware of the industry, and I understand it well. We really want to make a difference in Western Canada, which has extremely high rates for internet service,” Speers says.

“We’re trying to make a difference for the average person.”

Babbl is accomplishing this by acting as a third-party internet service provider (ISP).

What is a third-party ISP, you may ask?

Previously, it was mandated that telecommunication companies sell access to their networks to independent ISPs at regulated wholesale prices, with the intention of allowing smaller companies to enter the market to create more competition and provide consumers with more choices.

Babbl is one of these independent ISPs taking advantage of existing infrastructure to offer more options to customers.

As part of its initiative, Babbl buys access to the wiring that has existed for years and creates its own connection to the internet. Through this, customers benefit from dealing with a small, Western Canadian company that provides a robust Internet experience at a lower price.

“What we’re trying to do is create a model where we don’t have a call center or technicians or fleets of vehicles. These are the heavy and high costs that a lot of carriers have to incur that get transferred to their consumers,” Speers says.

“It was a great model for many years, but it’s time to inject technology in a way that allows for costs to be reduced yet still experience the exact same quality of home internet.”

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