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The cheapest single-family house in Vancouver is this $1.2-million home (PHOTOS)

The house is just over 1,000 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms

If you're looking for a house in Vancouver with walls that touch nothing but the outdoors, it's not a cheap proposition.

Single-family dwellings are becoming increasingly expensive in Vancouver, and that's very apparent when looking at the least expensive options. In the City of Vancouver, the cheapest standalone house you can get right now is $1.188 million.

That's what 2353 East 41 Ave. is going for on It's a newer structure, at only five years old.

It's also fairly small for a house. At 1,071 square feet, there are plenty of condos are around the same size. In fact, it's very similar to the many laneway houses around the city, which are typically for rent.

And while it's technically a standalone structure, it's not like it has a yard. It's part of a freehold strata, with two other units on a lot the same size as most single-family homes in the area; that's three units on a 50-foot-by-134-foot lot, without any being an apartment or basement unit.

Also, while there are three garage doors, two of those garages are for other residences on the property. So while it is a standalone house, with no neighbours on the other side of the walls, the whole structure isn't completely the property of the person who buys the residence at 2353 East 41. Ave.

On the upside, it does have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and lawn to mow. A garage also means no battle for street parking, and the street out front should be quiet. It's an alleyway.