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Photos: This quirky $4M Metro Vancouver house for sale has a few surprises inside

There's some creative decorating going on inside

From the street, this Langley home looks fairly average, but on the nice side. It could easily be used in a film as the place the main character's best friend with a very straightforward family life lives.

But inside, there's a quirky streak running through.

Real estate photos of the home show the current occupants have an intriguing collection of belongings. Or, by the looks of it, a trio of collections. And all are on display.

The most obvious to spot are the human-sized figures, which one could play Where's Waldo with. Did you find Leia from Star Wars? Or how about Wonder Woman? And is that Captain Morgan from the rum company, or Captain Jack Sparrow (who's also all about the rum)?

There are also at least a few carved Indigenous masks hanging from the walls, and they're not small pieces. They all appear to be at least an impressive couple of feet across.

The third collection is maybe the most common. It's the small houses. To be fair, they're only small when compared to houses for humans. As dollhouses, which at least some appear to be, they're quite large. Others look to be models of homes set up in display boxes on kitchen counters, in bathrooms and in bedrooms.

Be sure to scroll through and see how many curiosities you can pick out amidst the otherwise normal, modern styling of the listing photos. 

The home (not the collections) is for sale right now and is listed for just shy of $4 million. Things the house does include: a spice kitchen, an absolutely massive backyard and a garage that can hold an RV.

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