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Smart meter does more harm

Open letter to BC Hydro/ Corix, When it comes to the Smart Meter Program, I can feel my blood pressure rise.

Open letter to BC Hydro/ Corix,

When it comes to the Smart Meter Program, I can feel my blood pressure rise.

While I was away on vacation, I left instructions that a meter exchange was not to happen until I was home so I could shut down my computer equipment.

I have one piece of equipment in particular that is approximately 10 years old and could cost upwards of $50,000 to replace if it is not shut down properly.

My request was honoured in that a meter exchange did not take place. However, a request for me to call within 3 days was left.

As I was still away at that time, Corix called to make an appointment for Sept. 26. As it happened, this was actually quite convenient for me.

As is not surprising in today's "corporate" world, the installer did not show up on the appointed day.

When I called Corix to find out why they did not arrive for our appointment, no-one could give an explanation.

I then proceeded to inform "Sharon" that I would not be able to have this exchange take place until January.

Two messages were left by her while I was out taking care of business, the second being more than intimidating, stating that I had to "call them and arrange installation this week, as they were not going to be in Richmond in January."

Can you imagine how I reacted to that? Further, on Oct. 18, I received a letter from BC Hydro dated Oct. 8 stating that over the next few weeks, Corix was going to be in my neighbourhood, installing smart meters.

A number of "expectations" were listed in this letter, including, "Installers will knock on your door before starting any work" - every person I have spoken to has said that no-one came to their door to inform them of the installation taking place.

I have a number of concerns regarding this program, not the least of which is the fact that I am not being given a choice in the matter.

I am also very concerned about possible health hazards - proper, in-depth studies have not been made to determine the safety and hazards to our health in this matter.

There are also all the stories coming to light about property damage from these meters - we all know the installers are NOT electricians, but "trained only to change meters."

Who's to say they are trained properly and/or changing out the meters properly, or, in the case of an older home like mine, that the wiring is even up to code and therefore Hydro/ Corix are creating a fire hazard just by the exchange?

At this point in time, I have a notice on my front door not to exchange the meter without an appointment.

If any of my equipment is damaged, I hereby serve notice to all parties involved (BC Hydro, Corix, the City of Richmond) that I will consult legal counsel as to my right for compensation for damages/costs incurred by this program.

Sue Wallis Richmond

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