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Saddle-Up Column: Biking in beautiful Richmond

Bike route recommendations for catching a good view in Richmond
Geordie McGillivray (Saddle up)
Richmond resident Geordie McGillivray writes about different aspects of cycling.

Sometimes going for a bike ride isn’t about exercise or trying to be healthy, it’s just that at these gas prices who can afford to fill up, am I right? Ok, seriously though. Sometimes going for a ride is about the destination, and maybe a bike is better suited for getting there.

If you’ve been looking at the photo of the day in the Richmond News, it’s obvious that people love the sights of the water all around us, especially in the morning or evening. I’m going to tell you about one of my favourite spots to go riding in the evening and I hope you will go and check it out on a bike after reading this. Oh, and there’s no parking allowed for vehicles. Sorry gas guzzlers and Teslas. Bikes only here.

For a beautiful evening watching the sun set you want to ride your bike to Inglis Drive. This is the road that takes you to the south terminal at YVR, and starts at the north end of the No. 2 Road bridge. There are bike lanes on the roads, but also gravel pathways so no mater what kind of bike you have, you’ll have no problem getting there.

And by there, I mean the benches that are partway down the road facing south and west, overlooking the river and giving you a front row seat to the sea-planes taking off and landing. On a clear day, you’ll see the mountains on Vancouver Island standing up above the houses in Terra Nova and watching the sun drop is worth the trip.

Of course getting to the No. 2 Road bridge from your location will be different everyone else, so I recommend using Google Maps on your computer or phone, and selecting the bicycle option. And if you don’t want to ride too far, or over the bridge, then you could pack your bike into a vehicle and park at Larry Berg Flight Path Park at Burkeville and take the paved pathways to Inglis drive. Whichever way you choose, enjoy the ride, and especially the destination!