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Residential routes best for bikes: studies

Re: "More bike lanes on the way," News, Sept. 23.

Re: "More bike lanes on the way," News, Sept. 23.

While the improvements to bike lanes at Garden City and Minoru will be welcome for regular cyclists like myself, it is unlikely they will do much, if anything, to encourage people to abandon their cars in favour of cycling.

This is not just my opinion, but is supported by UBC researchers.

It is certainly a temptation to invest in such projects when the costs are to be shared with the province and TransLink, but if the object is to encourage new cyclists, the city would do well to consider the same researchers' findings that segregated bike routes are far more enticing.

These are however very costly, but fortunately the research points to residential routes as a much more cost effective way of encouraging new cyclists.

So thank you city council for make cycling a little safer for the hard core cyclists like myself, but if you have $100,000 to spend to encourage cycling and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, try consulting your cycling committee.

I'm sure they could recommend some residential routes.

Neil Smith

Vancouver to Richmond bike commuter