Opinion: These are the worst ways people have said they’ll spend their lottery cash

Readers of my column know well how much I encourage lottery winners to go a little crazy with their mega-jackpots.

I mean, what’s the point of winning the lottery if you aren’t going to have a little fun with it.

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I’ve spent so much energy suggesting how people should spend their money (fast cars, Vegas baby, hiring washed-up rock stars - plus telling your boss to pound sand!) that I’ve neglected to share some of the most-boring ways people have said they will spend their money.

I’ve interviewed my share of lottery winners over the years and read hundreds of news releases from the B.C. Lottery Corporation talking to winners.

These are actual things lottery winners have said they will spend their winnings on.

“Buying a bigger tent.” Yep, someone said they needed a bigger tent for their camping trips. A) why would you still go camping if you won the lottery and B) why would you still be tenting and not getting some kind of RV?

“I need a newer pickup truck.” Note: they didn’t specify that it would be a brand-new pickup truck – just that it would be newer. Couldn’t this person just lie and say they were getting a Maserati instead of purchasing a 2010 Silverado?

“I have some long-awaited house repairs to make.” There’s so much wrong with this one. First, that this lottery winner would be doing the home repairs themselves. What’s the point of being a millionaire if you’re going to just schlep around the house with a hammer and a glue-gun? Secondly, why stay in the house that’s falling apart when you could buy something new and turn-key and, I dunno, luxurious.

“I might now quit my job.” I don’t even have the energy to address this one.

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