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Lift your voices, raise our hopes

The Editor, Re: "Sockeye fishery open, but only just," News, Aug. 12.

The Editor,

Re: "Sockeye fishery open, but only just," News, Aug. 12.

If you are someone who has any concern for the survival of wild salmon, wild rivers (of which the City of Richmond claims to be a child) and wild people (as opposed to corporate automatons) here is your chance to do something about it.

A year ago I wrote that the Cohen Commission Inquiry into disappearing salmon was probably just more political window dressing (Follow the money upstream, News Sept. 24, 2010). Although it has never happened before, I may have been wrong. I sure hope so.

There is encouraging evidence: The commission was slated to run a few weeks. It is still running. The ocean net pen salmon farming industry, one of the threats to wild salmon survival, is spending big bucks on defensive ads.

Renowned biologist, Alexandra Morton, a voice in the wilderness for decades and a leading expert on the subject, will be addressing the commission.

A grass roots movement in support of the inquiry will be rallying in Vancouver. Folks here in Steveston whom I wouldn't have expected to know or care about the subsurface issues affecting salmon survival have been stopping me in the village to talk about them and get some of the colours I'm flying on my old Chevy wagon.

John Cummins, a long time advocate for salmon, is now Leader of the B.C. Conservative Party. This could become interesting.

So, prove me wrong. Maybe there is hope. Attend and speak up at the hearings. Go to the rally. Write to the editor. Support Alexandra. Follow John. Join the fight. This could be your best shot.

Don't allow the Fraser and its salmon to become just another morally starved, bastard child of corporate greed.

And may the GODDS be with you. Ramblin' Ryan Lake Gnarly Old Dudes of Steveston