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The Editor,

Re: "Keep faith in election," Opinion, Oct. 21.

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There ain't nuthin' in our council in which to keep faith, but it is fortunate that Greg Halsey-Brandt blew the whistle on council. Their representation as one for-all-of-Richmond equates to zilch. I and other professionals, never once in our various practices in our city, ever gained the attention of any of council on behalf of our clients. One can understand that no councillor is going to volunteer to get involved while seven of his/her peers tend to matters that aid and abet their re-election.

Most of our country is governed by representation by population as set out in our constitution, and it seems to work. I particularly enjoy hearing a human voice each and every time I call an electoral division office. I am gratified that my client's concerns are heard entirely and utterly free of bias. I used to attend council meetings regularly, but each time I despaired to see council confronting us residents while they are arraigned around the mayor and city hall. It epitomizes their representation of city hall, while we have none. I've tried to find, to no avail, how and when council aborted democratic representation and the nature of support they had to deny us functional and specific representation. We have two existent "ward" divisions (two federal and three provincial) that serve us well. Can you imagine having eight council offices with live service!

Surely, we care enough about city government that it be representative and that they be responsive. Surely, we all know council does not and cannot represent us as a whole -- our constitution declares unequivocally that we be represented by population as we are federally and provincially. Having a councillor in each electoral division gives identity and relativity to representation.

Imagine having a ballot to elect a specific councillor for a specific electoral division -- would Greg Halsey-Brandt run again?

Frank Peter Tofin


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