Time to kick liars to curb

The Editor,

The first victim in political campaigns, as in wartime, is truth.

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Nothing illustrates this better than the April 19 ad by my MLA, John Yap, and today's B.C. Liberals which appeared in your April 19 paper: "The Choice is clear. Strong Economy. Secure Tomorrow."

Sorry, Mr. Yap, today's Liberals are no different from the old Liberals under Gordon Campbell.

Deception is not only your party's modus operandi, it IS in your name. Just because you claim you are liberal does not mean you are.

You and the Liberal Party are literally wolves in sheep's clothing; a coalition comprised of lots of right-wing Conservatives (aka Socreds), with a few token Liberals thrown in so they could sell their political souls to gain power.

Unlike real Liberals, they are the party of big business, the ones that rip up union contracts for teachers and hospital employees, inflicts a carbon tax on schools and hospitals so that free enterprise can get tax credits, and fund huge parties like the Olympics and the Bollywood Awards to help their developer buddies and bring the world to Vancouver and/or to woo the ethnic vote.

They are the ones who, immediately after the last election, brought in the "Hated Sales Tax," after saying it was "not on their radar."

The B.C. Liberal Party has recently shown its bending of the truth by spending $15 million of taxpayers' money towards very blatant political advertising about the success of the Jobs Creation Plan; in reality that program was a total failure as was the pretense that this was government information telling the fictional truth of their ineffective programs. Lies, lies, and more lies.

And Mr. Yap is well aware of the secretive backroom plan created in the premier's office to use more tax money to seduce the ethnic voters (aka as bribing ethnic voters) to vote Liberal.

When that unethical, sneaky strategy came to light, Mr. Yap had to fall on his sword for his responsibility.

He resigned his cabinet post because of his admitted breach of ethics.

Funny, he doesn't feel he has to resign his MLA's position for the same lack of ethics. How's that for a double standard!

And now my MLA for Steveston has the audacity to advertise that by voting Liberal, we will secure a strong economy and a secure tomorrow.

The BC Liberals have never had a balanced budget, despite what they pretended during the last budget.

And for the next few years, they will continue to run a deficit. The fairytale goes something much like this: If the Liquefied Natural Gas Plants are built in the far future and if the hypothetical market overseas buys our LNG, and if there isn't another downturn in the market like 2008 and if pigs could fly, then maybe, just maybe in about 10 years, we might be debt free.

It's like relying on winning the Lotto 649 instead of saving for your retirement.

Just because you say it's so, doesn't mean it is necessarily so.

Looking back at the ad, I notice that the ad only states that "the choice is clear."

Nowhere does it boldly state the choice is to vote Liberal.

My choice is clearly to vote for anything but Liberal. It's time to kick the them out!

This time, I prefer to vote NDP. They're not perfect, but they are clearly more honest than the fibbing Liberals.

I hope Christy Clark and her trained MLA seals spin in their political graves.

Eric Hanson Richmond

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