Monster homes eat trees

The Editor,

I live in the Riverdale area of Richmond on Gamba Drive and I am increasingly disheartened to see the old, large trees that once majestically lined our street being chopped down at an alarming rate.

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We have had a rash of "new builds" go up over the last three years on our short street.

On Gamba alone, five new monster-sized homes have replaced the homes that once stood a mere five years ago when we moved into the neighbourhood.

There is another new, huge home going up down the street and yet another slated to be torn down - sure to be replaced by a mega-home.

We are saddened to see the city permit sitting in front of the gorgeous cherry tree on this same property that has blessed us with its beautiful spring buds and flowers - this tree, too, will be chopped come May 2012.

Up go the 4,000 plus square foot homes and down go the trees that attracted us to the neighbourhood in the first place.

How is this happening? Are there no bylaws to protect the trees?

What a horrible reality this has become for my children who are equally saddened by the loss of so many magnificent trees in favour of monster homes, leaving little green space on their properties.

I am also incredibly suspicious about one particular new property, currently for sale, for which the builder was granted permits to cut down approximately five mighty cedars.

It is too much of a coincidence that at least three of the remaining four cedars appear to be dying, if not dead already.

On that same property, of the two giant white pines that were spared, one also seems to be dying, if not dead already.

When unable to obtain permits to cut down the trees, do the developers cut the trees' roots so they are not viable - or kill them by another means?

I would really like to know why the face of my neighbourhood is being depleted of the stately trees that were a big part of our decision to live on this once heavily tree-lined street.

Is there nothing that can be done to protect our trees?

Eyal Lichtmann


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