Letters: Your Best of Richmond people are onto something

Dear Editor,

For many years I have been a vocal advocate for doing whatever is possible to preserve the heritage character of Steveston Village.

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So, it was notable that when 19 people were interviewed for the 2020 Best Of Richmond supplement and asked where they like to take out-of-town guests, 17 said Steveston.

Of course, the main reason these people and so many others enjoy visiting the village is its heritage character, its small town architecture, its collection of mom and pop stores, and its diversity of culinary options.

It’s a major tourist attraction (with related parking problems in the summer) and a very important social/cultural hub for those who live in the village or close to it.

But … if that heritage small-town character were to be progressively lost in the wake of more of the type of new developments and buildings that are encroaching on the village, I wonder how many of those who are interviewed for The Best Of Richmond in 10 years’ time will be inclined to list Steveston as the place they would most likely take out-of-town visitors to see.

And if it ends up looking like the rest of the shopping areas around Richmond, why would tourists want to visit the place?

Steveston is a unique gem that should be preserved and protected.

It was the deciding factor in my wife and I moving here, and we would be greatly saddened if it changes in ways that destroy its charming character — irrespective of how aggravating it is trying to find a parking spot these days!

Ray Arnold


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