Letters: Why praise Hitler?

Dear Editor,

Re: “‘Sanitized’ history one sided,” Letters, July 23

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Letter writer G. A. Scott dismisses the idea of judging history in context as an ”old cliché and a copout” and accuses our society of teaching a “sanitized” version of history. He was responding to Andy Hobb’s letter which said that we are all a product of our times.

Mr. Scott’s letter is odious in the extreme. He bases his argument on a comparison between Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, and Mr. Churchill comes out second best.

He accuses Churchill of being “the product of an elitist upper class environment” and makes the assumption that Churchill is “no friend of the working class.” 

He praises Hitler for suggesting that women be paid the same wage as men. He neglects to mention that Hitler embodied pure evil for planning and implementing his “Final Solution” for Jewish people, and actually murdering over six million innocent people.

Mr. Scott apparently believes that people “don’t learn real history from the sanitized and approved texts” used in high schools. I fervently hope that he is not planning on authoring any history books used to teach our children.

Marilyn Baker


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