Letters: Why are some Richmond gyms open and some closed?

Dear Editor,

Over the past number of weeks, I’ve noticed great activity at a particular gym.

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I know that Richmond parks and recreation, private gyms, sports organizations of all types have put their activities on hold for the foreseeable future.

The economic effect of these closures has impacted so many in losses of revenue and wages. I’m sure none are happy with this situation, but they abide for the greater good. It has to be done.

I visited this gym to find out what was being offered. The front-end staff were courteous and helpful.

They explained that new membership requests were put on a waiting list as they were full.

The interior is quite spacious and well laid out and appears to be clean. Equipment is arranged a good distance apart.

Sanitation requirements seem to be in effect. Staff said the fact other facilities are closed has benefited them.

I’m familiar with most others gyms  in Richmond  and feel that, with effort and planning,  they could achieve similar results and also be able to remain open.

When I asked how they were able to remain in operation when all others had closed their doors, they explained the city and health people had inspected them and gave approval.

It concerns me that one group is benefitting from the misfortune of others, who are abiding, at their great cost, to ensure the rest of us remain as healthy as humanly possible.

I wonder if other groups were given the opportunity to adjust to level the playing field.

Peter Albertson


Editor’s note: Gyms in B.C. are not legally required to close as long as they can maintain appropriate physical distancing and sanitation requirements.

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