Letters: Where will Green support go in Steveston?

Dear Editor,

The NDP have not held a Richmond seat since Harold Steves’ 1975 loss to Social Credit’s Ernie LeCours — so long ago, it is almost beyond human memory.

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That long NDP drought might well come to a sudden end on Oct. 24. Richmond-Steveston is the riding to watch. Four-time winner John Yap is not running. It is an opportunity for renewal.

BC Liberal support is slipping, from 52 per cent in 2013, it dropped to 47 per cent in 2017.

Most importantly, in this election, Richmond-Steveston has no Green Party candidate. Just seven per cent of the vote separated Liberal and NDP last time, while Green received 13 per cent. Where will that 13 per cent Green vote go this time?

It would be beneficial to have at least one Richmond seat on the government side of the legislature.

In our system of government, warming an opposition bench yields no local benefits. Richmond lacks effective local representation in both Victoria and Ottawa. Oct. 24 will likely change that.

Nick Loenen


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