Letters: Steveston Highway bike lane could kill me

Dear Editor,

Re: “Map: Richmond pushes for more bike lanes,” Richmond-News.com, Dec. 13.

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I am a daily user of the bike paths in Richmond, and I would never ride along Steveston Highway. I would be dead within a month. Even if they make a path beside the road I would not want to ride on it because of the noise of the traffic. Money would be better spent on improving the existing paths.

The path through Horseshoe Slough is very rough with tree roots, and the rail crossings are very treacherous. A small amount of fine crushed rock would cost very little.

Also, the paths along Dyke Road through the dog parks are very rough, and to get around the industrial park is so narrow it is impossible to pass or meet anyone, especially when dogs are involved.

It would be more cost effective to upgrade these paths than to spend six million on Steveston Highway.

Please think before spending so much money.

Blair Moore 


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