Letters: Richmond tax dodgers are taking the biscuit

Open letter to Mayor Malcolm Brodie,

I just walked out of a tasty bakery in the Blundell mall and I’m reeling. Sure, I’m still new in this province. So I’ll need to adapt, I mean this isn’t all that common where I come from, but let me tell you a story...

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Turns out, I didn’t have enough cash on me. I asked them why cash only? Why not cards? Cash is dirty after all, and these days, who wants to touch what everyone else touches, right? The lady told me, matter of fact, “Don’t want to pay taxes,” as if I was stupid.

Well, sure. I guess I am stupid, after all. I run a business and pay my taxes diligently. Part of living in a society and being civil, after all, is doing your part. That’s what makes me believe I’m, ah, civilized, if that’s the right word. Contributing member, maybe?

The rudeness and obvious lack of shame didn’t go down well with me, as you can see.

Anyway, it dawned on me that there’s scores of restaurants just like that. At what point, Mr. Mayor, is Richmond City going to do something about this?

To be deeply honest, let me tell you, those extra taxes I pay (because they don’t) should go in my kids university fund, not lining the pockets of those who lack the moral fortitude and backbone to do their part in society.

I’m working 70 hours a week to ensure my kids can go to university and all those cash-only places only need a cursory look at their tax income reports to see that they’re robbing you blind.

What’s the value of virtue if sin goes unpunished?

Bill Faulkner


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