Letters: Richmond resident calls out for CERB help

Dear Editor,

I’m a totally blind and partially deaf martial arts instructor in Richmond. On June 11, I attempted to apply for Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and was told that I needed to wait to be validated and that it would take roughly five days to hear back from an agent.

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A week later, I called again, and was told that they were working on the calls from June 10 and should get to me that day or next day at the latest.

Another week went by, still nothing and I called them again and this time was told that I should’ve heard back from them long ago and it’s strange that I didn’t. The agent then said she sent an email through to get them to call me “later today.”

When days went by and no phone call was received, I once again called them on June 30, and this time the agent told me they’re working on calls from the week of June 8 and the previous agent was in error, I was told again to expect a call back that day.

I called them again today, July 2, and now I’m being told that they have no clue as to when I’ll get a call back.

Being a disabled person and with the current fear and social distancing, I can’t just walk into the food bank or soup kitchen like anyone else if food runs out — and it is getting a bit close for comfort.

I decided to write in, in the hope that some help can be had.

Johnny Tai


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