Letters: Richmond News' Facebook readers weigh in on`Wet’suwet’en

RE: “Richmond councillor asks city to stand with Wet’suwet’en,” Online, Feb. 19 (See story page 8.)

Several readers responded quickly to the Richmond News’ Facebook question “Do you think Richmond should stand with the Wet’suwet’en people?”

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Peter Ambrose: Yes, everyone depends on clean drinking water, not just for us but for future generations. There are fishermen whose lives depend on the salmon run, so many factors at play for everyone.

Rachel McLennan: Peter Ambrose: actually we will have no clean drinking water sooner than the pipeline, if these trains with chlorine can’t get through to city watersheds across Canada!

We can’t even treat our tap water and they are running out of options. Wait until you can’t turn on your tap!

Dave Brown: Hey, Wolfe, stop using anything that you have that was ever shipped by boat, plane, train or truck. Do not buy anything that was or will be shipped by any of the above mentioned modes of transportation again.

George Demorest: A climate emergency was declared. They are in essence standing for us. If we do not stand with them, we are hypocrites.

Carlina Balan: Wow, jobs? How about the water, air and land destruction we need to protect? If we don’t, who knows what our kids’ grandkids will be subjected to. We are the protectors, no?

Mark A. Chung: Hey, Michael, if you want to stand with them, please go all the way and show us your participation! Also while standing with them, you guys will all have time to talk about the 450 CN jobs they lost. Or, stand with a group that also shut down the farming industry and is threatening the livelihood of millions. Please, turn off all your energy in your home it you want to stand with them.

Ming Lee: Jobs versus climate change has been a right-wing argument for years. How about jobs versus home planet? Can you see which is more important for human beings? Jobs can be found but a planet cannot be replaced.

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