Letters: Raccoons running riot yet again in Richmond

Dear Editor,

A couple months ago, two large adult raccoons threatened my 20-year-old daughter as she walked from her car to our house.

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That wasn’t the first time that had happened.

Last Wednesday, early evening, again the same two raccoons ambushed and attacked my wife and our 14-pound Jack Russell terrier as they got out of the car in our driveway.

Both my wife and the dog ended up in emergency with severe scratches and some bite marks. We’re very lucky we still have our dog, with an $850 vet bill.

We respect that us humans have to co-exist with wildlife and nature.

But when the wildlife population is clearly getting out of control in our neighbourhoods, the city should be assisting rather than passing the buck.

When I see young moms walking our neighbourhood streets with babies in a stroller and a small dog on a leash, I cringe to think what could happen.

Alan Thorsen


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