Letters: Pro-Meng 'supporters' in question

Dear Editor,

Huawei, the company that Meng Wanzhou works for, claims that they are employee-owned and not state-owned and controlled, but the company’s trade union committee is affiliated with, and pays dues to, the All China Federation of Trade Unions which is totally controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

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Connect the dots, blow away the smoke screens, and draw your own conclusions.

Are these so-called ‘Meng lovers’ really representing concern about what happens to the very wealthy Meng Wanzhou, or are there other motivations behind their Free Meng demonstrations and signs?

Perhaps they might want to recognize that the concepts of due process and fair trials, principles that do not exist in totalitarian China, are intended in this country to separate fact from fiction, properly determine guilt or innocence, and ensure that people are not immune from prosecution simply because of their race, culture or level of wealth.

I will assume that Meng supporter Paine Hu emigrated here from China because he respected the value and importance of such principles and processes.

At least that is what he declared in the citizenship ceremony that he, my grandparents and every other immigrant has participated in.

Ray Arnold


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