Letters: New Richmond fitness centre prices prohibitive

Open letter to mayor and councillors,

Re: Updated: “New Richmond fitness centre opens Jan. 1,” Richmond-News.com, Dec. 14

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I’m glad to hear that the new fitness centre has finally opened; that’s good news. I am disappointed, though, that the price of an annual membership is so expensive.

The cost comparison to other districts is nearly double in some cases, and the facilities I’m using as an example both have 50m Olympic pools.

This reminds me of the barely-used Richmond Olympic Oval’s fitness room, a facility for the rich and connected, not the working class that pays the city’s bills.

Nearly three years late, and who knows how much over budget, and now you want to gouge the taxpayer?

I really hope that you think this through and re-evaluate the pass pricing, particularly for youth and seniors.

John Evans


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