Letters: New ideas at Richmond city council are refreshing

Dear Editor,

Re: “Activists have taken over city,” Letters, Jan.

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In response to Lynn Davies, it’s refreshing for people with new, innovative ideas and visions who seek change and improved ways of doing things to step up (“take over”).

Better than the stale, same-old, go-with-the-flow status quo mentality. Besides, these people are voted in fair and square and represent others’ shared views, not just their own. They are supported by people who agree with their platforms.

The suggestion that someone is “taking over” means someone feels a sense of ownership and that’s just wrong. You can’t take over in a system that’s decided through votes without having people in support of the ideas.

I don’t like city spending that isn’t absolutely necessary any more than the next person (see: lawn bowling exclusive club-house), but this is much needed!

Not only will this help to address speeding, which is a huge issue on Steveston Highway, but it will provide a much needed route for cyclists wanting to have safe options to leaving the car at home.

Those in my neck of the woods who want to go to Ironwood Mall by bicycle are currently forced to use No. 3 Road south toward the dike — a treacherous ride with little to no shoulder south of Steveston Highway, often having to contend with speeding vehicles.

Recently, I’ve decided not to ride, as it’s simply proving to be too dangerous with the increased traffic flow. The other option is Williams Road, however, the same dangers are faced when reaching No. 5 Road.

So, this is a much-needed plan as we seek to become more aware of our choices and try to have a positive impact by becoming greener. The vision of Richmond in encouraging growth has been to support people getting out of their cars and using alternatives.

The person suggesting that the money better be spent on upgrades to other routes has mentioned off-road trails, which are quite different (for a reason). They are set in nature and intended more as leisure routes, not actual commuter routes.

Riders already ride far too fast at times on these shared paths — no need to further facilitate that by turning greenways into freeways.

These paths are situated in areas where there is wildlife to consider and some of us prefer to see them kept “as is” in a more natural setting that remains relatively undisturbed.

Adding bike routes to the flow of traffic provides a safe alternative for those who wish to bike to destination points without enduring the hazards of speeding traffic. Many now use the sidewalks for fear of being hit and we need to address this.

I am all in favour of this bike path and will swap out my car for a bike in order to get to work each day if this goes through.

I feel that we should be thankful for activists —not critical of them.

D. Wild


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