Letters: Massey Bridge option no good

Open letter to MLA Jas Johal:

Mr. Johal, I saw you on Global News the other day, lamenting the fact there was no bridge (at the Massey Tunnel crossing.)

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I wonder, did you ever go to the presentation they had a number of years ago, with the presentation and model of that bridge? I did, and as a resident of Richmond, I took the time to ask some questions about the benefits of this bridge for the people of Richmond.

All very well they were putting in 10 lanes, high enough to accommodate the large tankers, somehow getting the hydro poles to support power lines, when 1,000 ft. pile driving was providing no solid ground for support. 

I asked the question, what happens when that traffic gets over the river, it then funnels onto the existing entrances to Vancouver, which had no intention of changing traffic congestion  at that point.  Their answer was “60 per cent of that traffic is going into Richmond, so no problem.”

I then enquired what arrangements would be made for the transit passengers ... from the stop on Steveston Highway ... Their answer was “passengers would exit the bus at the same stop, walk through two tunnels, then take an elevator up to the center of this beautiful new bridge, where the buses would have their own lane.”  Sounded  pretty unsafe to me, late at night, making that trip.

So, Mr. Johal, I was very pleased when the Mayor of Richmond fought so hard to stop this poorly designed mess. If I am mistaken in my interpretation of this design, please feel free to enlighten me. 

Joyce Novick


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