Letters: LNG expansion no good for Richmond

Dear Editor,

I am writing about the public consultation around the Tilbury Phase 2 LNG Expansion project on the Fraser River that few people know about.

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I live on an island (Lulu Island) surrounded by the Fraser River, downstream from the proposed Tilbury Expansion project and stand to lose everything in the case of a disaster. There are no guarantees that one won’t happen as we live in a high-risk area to earthquakes, tsunamis, liquefaction and flooding and going forward with this project is nothing short of irresponsible and downright dangerous.

Expanding an LNG plant where there is already significant marine traffic, fragile marine species and located very near the third busiest international airport in Canada and a densely populated community is extremely risky.

There are Indigenous people that have depended on the salmon runs for thousands of years and local fishing communities that are at risk.

The whole process from extraction, transporting, processing, shipping and ultimately using this greenhouse gas has no climate benefits and ultimately lines the pockets of only a few, leaving the rest of us to deal with the costs as taxpayers for building infrastructure, of environmental devastation and, in the end, for the cleanup of an industry that should be replaced by clean energy projects like wind and solar power.

The risks of this project far outweigh any potential benefits. Under no circumstance should this project be able to pass an environmental assessment.

Robert Kaye


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