Letters: Gratitude for Penny’s kindness at Richmond drive-thru

Thank you, Penny!

It was a freezing cold Sunday morning (Oct. 25), and the sun had yet to rise. I suddenly felt a need to get out and connect with the world, so I headed to the drive-through Starbucks at Sea Island Way.

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I placed my order and then pulled up at the cashier’s window — where cheerful service always awaited. The employee greeted me with a twinkle in his eyes and said, “It’s all good! That car in front of you has paid for you.” My breakfast bill was close to $12 — and a stranger had treated me? Wow!

To be gifted with a random act of kindness filled with a fellow earthling’s goodness, and generosity during a pandemic warmed me twice over.

I looked back, but there was no other car behind for me to pay it forward.

But, Penny (hope you don’t mind that I asked the counter barista for your name), the next time I go to the drive-through, you can be sure I will treat the next person behind me, so your kind gesture remains in circulation.

And I think this is such a wonderful way to connect hearts even when smiles are masked. I would also like you to know that I watched the sun rise while eating the sandwich and drinking the coffee you had treated me to — and as the sun rose higher and higher, brighter and brighter, warmer and warmer, I found myself humming What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong). Thank you!

April Toh


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