Letters: Climate shame on Richmond's Tory MPs

Open letter to Kenny Chiu and Alice Wong,

I have just finished reading the Thursday, Jan. 2 edition of the Richmond News. I have also been listening to the coverage of the wildfires in Australia, the floods in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the drought in Zimbabwe.

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Yet, I read in the “Year in review” edition of the News that, that while campaigning in the lead-up to the federal election, Conservative candidates (now MPs) Kenny Chiu and Alice Wong “avoided green issues, and both local candidates chose not to attend an environment-focused all-candidates meetings.”

Meanwhile in Australia, fire has destroyed 5.9 million hectares of land. One third of all koalas have been killed. Scientists warned that, “Australian bushfires will become more frequent and more intense as climate change worsens.”

In Zimbabwe, the El Nino-induced drought has 5.5 million people suffering from starvation.

And then I read in the News that the slogan for our Conservative leaders during their campaign was “more money in your pocket.”

When facing global disasters, the focus has got to be  on how we can collectively garner our intellects, our resources, and our time to help combat the issue, and the issue addressed in this letter is global warming.

Nancy Carey  


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