Letters: Bell use basic biking etiquette

Dear Editor,

I have been a biker all my long life, it’s a great form of transportation and an enjoyable way to experience the hidden places around us.

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I’m happy to see the increase in the use of bikes since March, however I’m not impressed by the lack of etiquette that many riders use. Maybe they’ve  never been told or maybe they choose not to employ biking etiquette, but as a senior I’ve experienced some close calls.

Please, bikers, use your bell — and if you don’t have one, get one to indicate that you’re coming up from behind. Or at least say, ”on your left.”

Also, please slow down where there are pedestrians — otherwise ride on the road.

As we age, our reactions are slower and our hearing diminishes and we can be easily startled by a silent rider whizzing by.

Parents, please reinforce these few suggestions to your family so that we can all remain safe.

Jane Pratt


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