Letters: Be kind to ‘real job’ workers

Dear Editor,

With businesses slowly starting to reopen, I think it’s important to remember to be kind to workers — especially those employees who tend to be looked down on and told to “get a real job.”

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 If they hadn’t been working their “real jobs” during this crisis, who would be? I am referring to employees at grocery stores or similar stores that have stayed open, who have put themselves at risk every day, stocking shelves with essentials and keeping things clean so that your life can continue smoothly while you sit at home collecting CERB.

Retail and restaurants are also slowly opening. Keep in mind these employees only work for the company, they have no power over company policy. If you are upset with something, please convey this in a mature way.

These workers, and many more like them, are human, so be kind and you’ll be surprised at the kindness shown to you.

Vishan Hettiarachchi


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