Letter: Wrap gifts in generosity in Richmond

Dear Editor,

The gift wrapping season is upon us and the Richmond Christmas Fund has been gearing up again. Sad to say, we will not be at Richmond Centre again this year, but will be hard at work at Lansdowne. This year, our booth will be set up in the WIFI Lounge, beside the information desk. 

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Thanks to everyone who made the effort to travel to Lanssdowne for gift wrapping. I personally had the pleasure to meet a gentleman who, because of my letter last year, found our booth to have his gifts wrapped that were purchased elsewhere. All the ladies at the booth were absolutely thrilled to meet him. It gave us all a great boost.

I would like to share some statistics from last year. From donations and gift wrapping, $4,300 was collected at Lansdowne. This number is quite a bit lower from previous years, but very much appreciated. A total of 2,100 individuals, including 600 children, in Richmond were helped by the Richmond Christmas Fund. 

 Regardless of where you are shopping, I hope you will find us at Lansdowne and help support the Richmond Christmas Fund for gift wrapping or to make a donation.

There will be a toy box for new toy donations at Richmond Centre. Wishing you all happy and safe holiday season.

Esther Caldes


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