Letter: Will they protest for Canadians?

Dear Editor,

Re: Meng arrest ‘too dirty’

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It was a disappointment to read about the group of Richmond residents protesting the Huawei CFO’s arrest at YVR.

Everything that happened was in accordance with the law and our extradition treaty with the U.S. The title of the press conference, “Demanding fairness protecting human rights” was a joke. The protesters should be looking at the abysmal human rights record of China before passing judgment on the Canadian justice system. Remember, it’s thanks to the freedoms you enjoy in this country that you can freely protest here. How about protesting the arrest and jailing of the two Canadian citizens in China right now?

I would love to see the same protest now in front of the Chinese consulate.

Ashish Katrak


Editor’s note: See page 12, “Protesters ask to free Canadians”


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