Letter: Why extra taxes for Richmond's drains, dikes?

Dear Editor,

My current city water and waste bill has a charge of $160.61 towards annual flood protection — drains and dikes. Not much information is available on the bill or on the city finance site.

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Shouldn’t this be a city expense like lights and road repairs rather than billing recovery from residents? The city site lists the following and it is a bit much in my opinion to start passing on city expenses to residents.

What next for Richmond residents, city staff overtime? How about photocopy paper? Taxes are very high in Richmond and the city does well with its annual revenue collections and reserves, it may want to give the residents a break in these items.

What goes into your utility bill? Water supply and treatment; sewer collection and treatment; grease management; solid waste and recycling collection; environmental protection; flood protection (drainage and dikes).

John Kurian


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