Letter: Why do Richmond protesters support Chinese dictatorship?

Dear Editor,

Re: “China, Hong Kong rivals clash at Aberdeen Station,” News, Oct. 3.

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Who are those pro-China protesters at Aberdeen Station?

If they are studying here or living here as permanent residents, they should be kicked out of Canada immediately.

A free democratic society like ours cannot tolerate their thuggish behaviour by tearing down the Lennon Wall. I don’t understand why they would support a dictatorship government if they choose to come here?

No one is saying Hong Kong is not a part of China, but the Communist government must respect the will of people of Hong Kong.

When two million people are on the street protesting and petitioning, their demands cannot be denied, not in Hong Kong, or anywhere else for that matter.

Now, a piece of advice to Communist China: People of Hong Kong have been living under a democratic system for so many years, they will never accept a one-party-rule-all system.

You cannot impose a dictatorship upon a free people by violence and intimidation. The only solution is that you change and reform, and embrace democracy and basic human rights to win the hearts and minds of people of Hong Kong, and people of Taiwan for that matter. Only then, the China Dream, the unification, will happen.

I say all this as an immigrant from China myself.

Meng Wei


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